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    So I am going to try this... here are some pics of what I have done so far. First one of "mig" and others are of stick I have in my garage. What do u think. Could i be a welder?
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    Looks like you are on the right track...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      Keep at it Cindy

      Grip it and Rip it


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        Take the time to clean (grind) off the rust and scale in the areas that you will be welding. You can't weld rust and scale. When you weld you are mixing three different metals together, the two pieces being joined, plus the welding rod. You need to eliminate all other contamination from the mix to have a good weld.

        Work on making straight consistent welds. Try slowing down a bit as well as using different current settings and see what each does to the weld.

        Learn to watch the leading edge of the puddle. This helps you to determine when to move ahead. Try holding different rod angles as well as straight to see the effect on the puddle. You will find that some rods weld better for you when held in certain positions. Learn to brace your arm to be more steady. Holding something steady at arms length for any time without support is nearly impossible.

        Watch some of the videos on for pointers and shortcuts. The ability to watch someone else doing it makes a big difference. If you don't have someone to watch, this website should help you. Classes at a local trade school will help too.

        It just takes some time and patience. You are off to a good start. Whenever you think you have made some progress, post a few more pictures of your welds and we'll try to help with more tips and suggestions. I started with a 100 amp buzz box, some unknown rods, and some scrap iron in 1954 and my first welds weren't anywhere near as good as your's.

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          I've been watching others weld n just decided to try it. I like the mig better. I don't have any idea about the dials on the welder. Someone just was showing me n then I tried. I guess its harder than it looks. These were just old parts of metal to try. I see its dirty. If I keep doing more I will put new pics on here. Thanks for compliments too! Maybe I could make something too....