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Syncrowave issue.

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  • Syncrowave issue.

    I recently aquired a Syncrowave 350 LX. Finishing rigging it and turned it on. about a minute after it's on the cooling fans run about a minute or so after that the HL.P 5 message appears. Looked up HL.P 5 and it's a rectifier overheat. I can't figure out why the unit would over heat just turned on. haven't welded yet or put the machine under a load. I cleaned the dust off of everything so there is sufficient air flow. Has anyone had this issue before or can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Alot of variable, first was the unit working before you bought it, if so you may have the input jumpers in the wrong positions for your power.

    IF not, or you don't know.

    Pick one.

    Failed rectifier thermistor-- doult it--
    Failed rectifier scr -- possible--
    Failed pc1 circuit card --most likely--
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      that's what it is. had a tech come to my shop. told me the price and im not to thrilled. he quoted the card at 1,100?