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Why high price for pedal?

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    Originally posted by shovelon View Post
    Originally posted by Drf255 View Post
    I'm still trying to figure out why the WIRELESS pedal costs So much.

    Id love one but coud never justify the price. I wonder if SSC or another manufacturer will ever come out with a version.
    Prices have come down to under $500. I want one in the worst way but have still have an extra wired one.
    I love mine, when your tiging large things like pipe railings it's a blessing.
    I have 2 Dynasty's I use it on.
    I got mine with the Dynasty 200DX runner package, think it cost me like $250 or so more and I have wired remotes, from other welders for backup.


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      I thought I would revive this old thread since it was the first thing I found when I started looking for info on how to build a TIG foot pedal for my Multimatic 200. The TIG kit that was available when I bought my machine has the thumb controls on the torch. I am just not coordinated enough to use the amperage control without messing up my already messed up welds So, normally I just use the machine settings and in most cases that works just fine. I still have thought it would be nice to have a foot pedal. Miller wants $300 and you can get one from SSR (?) for around $200. I am retired and on a limited income and just do hobby welding so it was hard to justify even $200 for something I don't need every time I need to TIG. I was able to buy the machine using money from a VA program I was enrolled in but by the time I started to learn to TIG in school, and I thought a foot pedal might be nice, the money was running out.

      So, I did a lot of searching on the Internet. This thread was very helpful. I used this guy's video as a model for the pedal I built ( His looks MUCH better than mine but I am extremely happy with how mine turned out. And I didn't spend much money at all. The connector to plug it into my MM 200 was about $10, the 1K pot about $8, the gear/belt to turn the pot was $5 off eBay, $8 for 20' of cat6 cable and less than $10 for a microswitch, some springs and screws I didn't have. I used 1/8" or so plate that I had laying around to build the pedal itself.

      I got it all put together and wired up this afternoon and (after comparing the readings from the connector to my pedal with readings from the connector to the thumb controls) connected it to my MM200. It works perfectly!! As soon as I step on the pedal the gas starts and I can go from about 6 amps all the way up to what the machine is set for. It works identical to my thumb controls only much more convenient....

      Click image for larger version

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      This shows the bottom without the bottom cover installed.

      Click image for larger version

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      This is a top view without the pedal on. The 2 screws coming up from the bottom are to limit the travel of the pedal in the up and down directions. The microswitch is in the farcorner at the end of that blue wire. It is mounted directly to the frame.

      Click image for larger version

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      This is with it all put together. I see from this that I should move the drive gear over to the right just a hair.


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        A detailed explanation of my pedal can be found, here.

        After looking at some old posts, I discovered that I have been using this pedal without a stutter for over 5.5 years. Even though it may appear to be "light duty," it has proven itself to be very dependable.
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          Why high price for pedal?

          I like it.