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AC SMAW on an inverter power source question

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    Originally posted by lars66 View Post

    Well I had a AO Smith AC bee hive welder that just about laid me out twice in one day when changing rods. Was so hot and humid the sweat was pouring off me and even the concrete floor was sweating. And yes I was wearing gloves.
    Smiths, Fornays Lincolns Miller Bros & Hobart Bros all had much higher OCV back into the 70s.. Then along came OSHA and OCV got dialed back considerably. Once worked in a beer foundry that had a Smith tucked away about 200 feet from the welding bench in the shop. That bench would get you all by itself some days. Evil trick was to unhook the ground clamp and watch some guy light his day up connecting it.

    Teat cup from a milking machine was a real good rod holder when using that Smith.