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new welder needs help with welding test

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  • new welder needs help with welding test

    I recently finished a trade school course in welding and the job i'm trying to get deals in Flux Core. I am by no means a master welder and i need all the help i can get!!

    Long story short, we didn't have but a few days training in Flux and it was only the side to side weld and a little flat. This company uses all positions in flux.

    The weld test is a simple one pass t joint vert and overhead on thin steel with the machine set on zero. Could ANYONE please recommend what to set the machine on volt and wire so i can hopefully go to work?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    new welder needs help with welding test

    The wire manufacture will give operating Parameters for each Specific Wire and size.
    With no real information it's hard to give speed and volt information.