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  • welding advice

    I need advice on over head tig welding, any hints/tips for a beginner for overhead welds?

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    What metal? And why are you welding overhead as a beginner?
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      Mostly mild steel stainless and alumimun. Im not a beginner at welding been at it for 4 years now... but im a beginner at overhead welding


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        welding advice

        Get comfortable, keep your tig hand steady. I find the product called the tig finger helps. You can find it on


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          Should i have any worries on molten metal dripping down when using filler wire? Also do i need a higher gas setting?


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            welding advice

            I find tig acts the same in all positions. I use the same gas settings


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              welding advice

              A wise man once told me the secret to tig welding overhead was to turn whatever you were welding over he said it's much easier then!!!!!!


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                Welding tig overhead is pretty much the same, Not much trick to it, Its more about you not being in a comfortable position.

                Probably the biggest difference when doing overhead aluminum is to feed your rod from the side a little more so it does'nt heat up , melt and drip down on you.

                Good luck, Its really not a big deal.


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                  Wear leathers!!!
                  Drips can hurt.
                  Also it wouldn't hurt to find some way of covering or protecting your throat.
                  You know ... just in case.
                  I've seen guys cut the gauntlet off an old TIG glove and pop-rivet it onto the bottom section of their welding hood to protect their necks when they are in tight quarters, lying on their backs and moving out of the way of a falling drip is not an option. As a beginner you might want to consider that option even if you can move out of the way.


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                    Thanks for all of the great advice! Ill be trying it tomorrow