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Want to sell Bobcat 225 NT

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  • Want to sell Bobcat 225 NT


    This is my first post as a new member.

    I have a Bobcat 225 NT with Onan 16hp purchased her in 1999.
    Mounted plates with casters to roll around the shop.
    Did a little welding with it but the main use was backup generator.
    It was inside and covered and is in pristine run time 44 hrs.
    Selling the base machine and no accessories. Price 2150.00

    the machine is located in Myrtle Beach,SC
    Prefer it be picked up.
    phone 843-903-1282


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    Added some pics

    Took a few pics to help with the post.

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      I believe your price is a good bit to high to get any interest here.
      That is why no response.
      Sorry to be the one to have to tell you this.
      I don't doubt it is a perfect machine. Just no bargain in most peoples minds who buy and own this type of equipment in todays market.
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        Your best bet would be either ebay or craigslist. Alot of people look a machine that is 13 years old and only has 44 hours on it and a huge red flag. Only being run for less then 4 hours a year that is alot of time just sitting there. Thats the hardest thing on a engine drive is to let them sit with out running it lets the engine seals and electric componets go bad. I have had the worse luck with a machine that didn't have 300 hours on it and the best luck with a machine with over 4000 hours on it. The onan although a good engine the parts are hard to find and expensive. Like I said best bet would be craigslist or ebay.
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          Most of the 44hr run time is bimonthly run time over the years to keep it as a valid emergency source.when hurricane season is over I might skip a few starts.burned some rod with it going DC but not much.My electrolux mig catches the pounding.

          thanks for the response and suggestions.