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  • Old Tig machine

    I found one!!! A few year old syncrowave 350 was waved under my nose. The question I have is how to tell old features of the machine...the guy is a little hard to get in touch with. Heres a picture if anyone can recognise which dials might be missing. Thanks for your help, Andrew:
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    It looks exactly like my 1991 Synchrowave 350 only blank on the front was for the spot welder control and timer. I would never get rid of mine even if I was given $4,000 for it. It is fully loaded including PF caps, only thing missing is the spot weld feature, not needed in my garage. I must say mine is under a cover and I wax it time to time, it looks like the day I got it.
    Go into the owners manual section to pull up a manual on it or go to learn more about the 350 Syncro.

    Check into Cassimus Company in San Leandro, (510) 352-6700 they are a Miller repair facility, one tech person is Karl Weber, a prince of a person bar none. He can answer all your questions without the BS that you will get from a Miller LWS. I was screwed around by my local Miller LWS, ended up purchasing my 351 Miller Mig thru a Miller store in Concord, saved over $400.
    I question why a high dollar machine like that 350 why it looks beat up in that photo?
    I would make darn sure it comes with everything and it fully functions.
    Give us a heads up on what happens. Good luck, maybe a Miller under your X-mas tree?


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      I worked for a company that used these machines and they shipped them all over the world and shippers are not easy on them. My guess is it has seen some travel and worked in some hostile environments.

      As for the dials this is a base model, the other things are factory upgrades and it just doesn't have them. they used one face and just deleted the options with plugs, cheaper in production than having seperate faces.

      The serial number will tell the age as the year is part of the serial number.



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        Your correct Paul, I didn't enlarge the photo and see what controls were added to that 350.
        When I ordered my 350 it came with the added preflow time control and switch,pulser switch,% on time control, pulses per second control, background amperage control and power factor capacitors. It came with the heavy duty foot control. Only thing I didn't get was the spot time control and switch, wish I ordered that also but don't really need. Back in 91 with a stainless Percon pump and cooler I built plus WP20 torch, long leads for stick, and 100' of power cord I was welding with a total investment of $4,100. With the used value of it so low should I have no use for it I would rather keep or give it away to one of my friends first, It could pass off as a NOS even today.
        There is a as new mint condition newer style used 250 on ebay for $1,700 or $1,800 right now.


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          ????? Anybody look at the dates ??? The original post is over 5 years old, the poster hasn't been back to this board since 2003 ......


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            Now I feel stupid not checking the posted date, oh well it won't be the last.

            He who makes no mistakes does nothing.

            This happens time to time when I haven't used the Synchrowave for four or five months and didn't check all the control settings, self blames the welder not operator everytime.