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Xmt350cc/cv aluminium migwelding

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  • Xmt350cc/cv aluminium migwelding

    I had to settle for a 70 series wire feed unit and a tweco #150 gun.I hooked it up on my new xmt350cc/cv.Bought 1.2mm 4043 aluminium mig wire and 1.5mm contact tip.I start my aluminium mig expedition .I had problem with drive roll tensioning and wire speed /voltage settings.Without the Teflon liner I have been able to mug weld +6mm thick aluminium pieces .My big problem is to weld 2mm thick aluminium sheets,the one used on the freight liner truck fuel tanks.Can anybody help with settings ?Could the optima be the answer to this issue?

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    I'd like to help you out there, however, its a headache to say the least, buy a 30A spoolgun and WC-24 controller for it.


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      With 3/64" (1.2MM) wire you are going to have a very hard time trying to weld 2.0mm material(0.078"). Aluminum is recommended to run in a spray transfer and with that thin on material and the wire size you have are going to have to have a very fast travel speed just to prevent burning thru, if you can even do it consistantly. The optima controller will make this alot easier, but then you still have the potential issues of feedability of the wire thru a standard Mig gun (like Cruizer stated).

      For your future Aluminum referance there is a very informative booklet on welding aluminum at the MAXAL website, under the resources tab.

      This will also give you some starting points for various material thicknesses with different wire sizes.


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        Thanks about the maxal information.the transition table is very clear,but I am not sure if the thinner wire will not introduce feed ability problems?Nonetheless I am going to experiment with the small diameter wires.I am gone!