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high freq and GFCI outlets

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  • high freq and GFCI outlets

    I have a syncrowave 351 in my garage, and every time I click the amp. pedal and the high freq start turns on, the GFCI outlets immediately trip off. The outlets are each fed from one leg of 110 that the welder is connected to. The GFCI outlets use the common as the neutral, and are grounded to the breaker box. The welder just uses the two 110 legs, and is grounded to the box - it is not connected to the common. What can I do to prevent the GFCI from tripping?


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    You might try to set the HF control down closer to min. You may also need to drive a gnd rod near the machine and ground the case of the machine to the rod. A #10 wire should do. This will help suppress any floating HF to GND and keep it from getting back to the box and tripping your GFCIs.
    I know other people who have had this problem continue, sometimes end up taking the GFCIs out and replacing them with standard outlets.