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  • Stinger

    Is there any safety concerns of moving a stinger to a different lead? I ask as most of my training in the military isnt as sufficent as I need it. Thank you.

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    Either turn off the welding machine that will be left without a stinger or else tape up the cable end so it cannot arc out


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      Sounds like you are asking about swapping out a stinger from one lead to another to replace a damaged lead or extend a shorter lead. If so, no problem. You should be able to access the setscrew on the bottom of the handle, if this is for a stick welder, and loosen it enough to pull off the stinger. Clean the recess hole in the stinger with either some sandpaper or a section of Scotchbrite and shove in the new lead's end with only enough insulation cut off the end to almost fill the recess. Tighten the setscrew back down and you're done...go back and retighten again after some use as there will probably be some extra bit of tightening necessary after the lead is flexed around a bit.
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        Well, I'll recommend the precautions stated by Wyoroy. In addition, do follow the safety precautions while wielding and wear a highly insulated protection clothing. Tapping the bare cable end or completely switching off the wielding machine while removing the stinger bead can further safeguard you.