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  • splatter

    how can i help reduce the amount of splatter while welding with my mm200.sometimes it seems to be ok but other times i seem to get more then normal amounts.the application is mild steel,.083 or .134.i use 30 psi of c02 and argon mix and a flow meter.

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    The MM-200 was a good low spatter machine. With the higher flow rates you are using, the gas (depending on gun angle and size of shield cup) may start to become turbulent and pull in contaminants. This sometimes also causes porosity in the bead. Try lowering your flow rate to 20-25. The condition of the contact tips is also critical. I know most of you realize this but you would not believe how many times I go on a call for this stuff and they have the wrong tips in or the tips are so worn out, you could run a #2 pencil through it. Also, with the age of the machine, your contactor (the component that sends the weld current out to the gun) might be getting pitted and losing some of it's efficiency. Too large of weld wire will also give spatter on the low end. An .030 size wire would be great for your applications. Hot rolled or cold rolled steel will weld differently. Grind the slag off the hot rolled before welding. Wire slipping in the drive rolls or too much wire speed. Changing gun angles while welding from a pull to a push will give a different spatter count too. My first guess would still be the contactor.
    good question.