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    Originally posted by MMW View Post
    Just looked again at the pics comparing them to the ones at Tractor Supply & it definatly looks like an ac only machine.
    GREAT. That means a bunch too...the add says ac/dc and I asked him about it on the phone and he said only 'ac' ...which was odd to me. I was going to confirm that again and then again IF I had made the 1 hr drive to get it...thanks for that help! saves me a bunch of time/gas. I guess I want to get something so I can make an excuse to come over and pick up some of your scrap to practice on!
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      It's a good little unit. I bought one new about 5 yrs ago and learned to weld with it. I'd still have it if I hadn't moved up to a Syncrowave 250.

      I think I paid ~$420 for mine when it was new, and I sold it 2 yrs later for $350. (And that was maybe 2 yrs ago now.)

      $400 sounds like a decent price, especially with all the accessories he's throwing in. Don't worry about how many hours are on it. If they're not abused, these machines last forever and don't "wear out" in your lifetime or mine.
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        Looks like an AC only unit. Not worth all that much.
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          I thought the OP said it was AC/DC. If it's only AC, I'd hold off for an AC/DC machine, and I definitely wouldn't pay $400 for an AC-only box. $125 is more like it.