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auto darkening performance series problems

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  • auto darkening performance series problems

    im trying to find a owners manual for performance series auto dark lense. what was happining is it wont keep the shade when i strike ark, but would after. that was earlier at work. now cant get it to do anything. any suggestions?

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    How old is the battery ?
    If it's good , then adjust the sensitivity to mid point on the dial & hit the Reset Button .
    That should do it , unless there's another problem with the shield itself .



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      A lot of people disagree with me (and that's their right) but I will not use an automatic darkening hood. They appear to be a perfect tool at first glance particilarly if you have a welding job that requires a lot of short repetative welds like say ... welding expanded metal to a tubing frame with a MIG gun to make a parts or materials basket or some such. You zap for a second, move an inch or two and zap again and so on and so on. This is the worst possible use of an automatic hood in my opinion.

      My argument against automatic hoods is based on one simple fact. The hood does not know when you are going to weld. It does not anticipate. It reacts. There is always a lag time from when you strike the arc to when the hood darkens. The technology has really improved and the times are getting shorter but no matter how much they get shorter they will always still exist. It is a physical impossibility to create a perfectly timed auto hood that never ever exposes you to flash. The laws of science dictate it will never happen. It can't. It's impossible. You expose yourself to tiny little flashes all day long and the more little flashes you give yourself the closer you get to have the symptoms and problems of a normal flash. They add up. I don't know about you guys but I'd rather have a sore neck each night from nodding my head all day long than go blind before my time and miss seeing the grandbabies score a goal on the soccer field.

      If the day ever comes when you can manually signal the lens to darken with a voice command or a nod or something else then I'll use one but not until.


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        Change the batteries.

        The AD hoods have a shade 5 lens in the inactive state. This lens protects you from ALL UV rays, even without changing to the dark state. This is why the changing time, while reactive, will not hurt your eyes. The rest is said to be for comfort, and to not have your pupils dilate.