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  • wire size

    what is the correct wire size to use on .134 thousands mild steel roll bar tubing,using a millermatic 200?

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    wire sizes

    I sure hope there is not a specified wire size, cause I sure never consulted one! I am pretty sure this comes down to personal preference, or in many cases, what size you have on the shelf at the time or need to get rid of the most maybe. For that size tubing, I would probably be using .030 solid wire, but I don't see why .023 or .035 wouldn't work. I don't usually use .035 unless I'm using FCAW, mostly because I rarely need it. But I would even do job with .045 FCAW. I will assume (then again I can't remember if you specified) that you are using the GMAW process. So, I would recommend .030 if you think you might also work on thinner material and don't want to change rolls later, or you could start with .035 solid wire, though it may be also more expensive because it's not as popular. Hope this helps, but it will ultimately be what your experience teaches you about your personal preference for wire speed and deposition rates, as well.


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      Good answer MAC.
      Around the race industry, .030 ER70S-6 is the most common for roll bar applications. I would stay away from the .023. It's a bit too small for that thickness and for critical roll bar tubing.