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Sub acr 3/16 wire. having a little trouble

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  • Sub acr 3/16 wire. having a little trouble

    I am having issues running 3/16 wire, on a half inch plate joint with a 1/4 inch gap. I also has a 1/2 inch backer plate. A major part of my issue is lack of experience with sub arc. the gentle man that ran it all the time took another positon and now I get to figure it out. I keep blowing threw the backer plate. 27.5 volts, 107 wire speed and 17.7 to 18.5 travel speed. Any help would be great.

    Thanks Ben

    I am using a Miller HDC 1250dx controller
    and a dimension 1250 source
    on a gullco travler
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    Your wire feed speed is way high on 3/16 your looking at 22 -82 max inch/min. At 107 in/min your amps become unstable and way too high for the wire. Even at 82 in/min your over amping the machine, so keep it around 45 -60.

    your voltage seems a little low as well. maybe boost it to 32 VDC.

    If you had a Lincoln subarc, I could probably tell you everything, however the Millers are not all that popular here.