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  • New to me HF-250-1

    Hey all,
    I'm trying to start TIG welding and tripped over a used HF-250-1. I have an argon bottle with flow regulator for shielding and the purge kicks in when I turn the machine on. The weldcraft torch has an on/off switch on it hooked into the remote out. I've tried turning everything on but shielding gas will not flow when I try starting an arc? Am I doing something wrong here or is it more likely something to do with the switch going to the remote out? There is a bunch of electrical tape at the connector end that makes that suspect. Also pretend that I'm a complete beginner. I'm just trying to start doing some TIG and thought this might work.
    What settings on the HF-250, tungsten and polarity should I be using to start running bead on mild steel 1/16-1/8 thick. Thanks, Dana

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    And what kind of power source do you have, or do you even have a power source?

    Or are you trying to weld simply off the arc starter, cause thats what it sounds like to me.


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      Yep, thats what I thought, no pretending here, you really are a beginner!