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  • Not cutting

    can somebody tell me what could be wrong ........whenever i put it on my plasmer cutting machine spectrum 2050.. and there is adequate air pressure and the ready light is on but when i press the button on the tongue it will not bring any arc to cut

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    Is your tip new?
    Earth lead clamped on?

    Grip it and Rip it


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      Hit the trigger, pilot arc comes on, but no cut, or you hit the trigger, air comes on but no pilot arc, or hit the trigger and nothing. Which is it?


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        I realize this thread is 11 months old, but found it in my search.

        I am having the same symptom. I will detail what I have done so far so and exactly what I am getting so I can get the most informed response.

        Spectrum 2050

        Turn on machine I get ready lights
        Ground connected to work piece
        110psi @ gauge

        I pull the trigger and no arc. A second after pulling the trigger I feel a click in the gun. As soon as I release the trigger I get air flow for several seconds then nothing. This happens every time I pull the trigger.

        Process of trouble shooting to this point.

        I checked for 800VDC on PC3 RC33 pin 1 &3 --good

        checked for 20VDC at RC30 ----good

        checked for 25VDC at RC10 pin 1 &2 on PC1--good

        Tool not available to check for 16kilohertz at pin 3 & 4 on RC10 as requested

        Replaced PC1 just for curiosity and nothing changed.

        New tip, electrode, swirl ring, O-ring and cup. Heck I even hooked up a brand new out of the box torch with same result.

        I had another one do a similar thing and got it to work with upping the air pressure to 140-145 psi.. Could it be the regulator is faulty and not allowing the proper air flow to come through although it sounds pretty strong out of the torch?

        Thanks for any help..
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          I had hoped someone would have had a similar issue and would have seen this over night. I'm at the end of my abilities in trouble shooting it so I'll contact my Miller rep and see if we can get a tech out to the yard to help. Been going over it with techs by phone, but may be time for an inperson visit. I'll post up what we find. hopefully it will help someone else.


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            I can honestly say that the 2050's were NOT a good machine to begin with. Best to either replace with a Hypertherm / Thermaldyne. or chase some more coin into it, via a repair shop. Now 145psi is a little high, should be no more than 70psi at the torch.

            You have ZERO pilot arc, and thats zero to do with PC1


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              If it were me I would simply replace both of them with new equipment, but the company does not want to do that yet. These are the last two 2050's we have left since Miller went to the 875. We have a few of them and they haven't produced as well as the 2050's did.

              Thanks for the input.