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  • stainless mig wire

    I have had problems with welding stainless(304)(.035) with my 250x that i never had with my 35s before. The wire seems to stick and then kink at the rolls then it jams at the tip.I have tried different preload on the rolls to different tip sizes(.045)and changing the liner and nothing seems to help,like i said this was never a problem with my 35s.Could the wire be too soft or should I be using .045 instead of the .035 ,it is also a 10lb roll and not the 50lb roll I,m using.Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,thanks Steve

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    SS wire is a harder wire than your standard ER70S-6. What are you welding with it? What gas? what type of gun on the machine(MILLER or aftermarket)? Make sure the liner is almost touching the drive rolls. That machine should push that wire fine. I personally have not done SS in the 250 but I'll check with someone who has.


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      The gas is a helium,argon,co2 mix for stainless,the gun is the standard one that came with the welder ,also I am welding 3" square,2"x4" tubing 3/16 wall etc,and yes the liner is nearly touching the drive rolls.