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#^(k! copper THIEVES!!!

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  • #^(k! copper THIEVES!!!

    Somebody has GOT to do something bout these **** pill poppers/crackheads stealing our leads and whatever else they can take to resell! Its gota be more than a slap on the wrist

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    #^(k! copper THIEVES!!!

    Haha. worked in Jersey City, NJ for 10 years, some streets we worked on we had to bring an extra guy just to watch the truck.


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      Originally posted by go2building View Post
      Haha. worked in Jersey City, NJ for 10 years, some streets we worked on we had to bring an extra guy just to watch the truck.
      No doubt man. People will do anything these days!


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        The local scrap metal guys need to start turning down suspicious items as well.


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          Originally posted by Drf255 View Post
          The local scrap metal guys need to start turning down suspicious items as well.
          One of the local yards here actually has a roped off are where they sell stuff they get in there that is still good. Tools, toolboxes, receiver hitches...etc. stuff u know has been stolen


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            Police stopped and arrested a woman who had COPPER downspouts on the roof
            of her SUV. She just stole them from a CHURCH as the guys were on lunch. This was from a big buck suburb near Chicago. They did get her.
            We had a 1000' of lead running through the bar joist,wired down on the bar joist, and up the elevator shaft. Next day it was gone. Besides the cost of cable the connectors aren't cheap either. You can't leave it strung out anymore and all material is now in gang boxes.


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              outa sight, outa mind!

              I think we should be able to legally protect our tools and livelihoods without being treated like terrorists. I have found that even having a cover over the welding cable reels helps by not advertising the couple hundred pounds of easy copper for the taking. Either that or have your cable in locking cabinets or the good old gang box. Of course a very hungry doberman or rottweiler is also a pretty good deterrent!
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                I have a half mastiff and german shepard that is pretty protective. And i only keep about 100' of lead on my rig. Whenever i need more i can grab it out of the shop and quickly connect it


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                  Had my leads stolen once, when I first started, hard lesson. Did not have 500 to buy new ones, lucky a customer gave me his until I could replace them. Everything I have no is insured, Bet I spend $3000 a year on insurance because of theft. I mostly worried about someone stealing the whole truck!
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                    yep it isnt the economy its lazzy druggies
                    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts


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                      my gear is on a trailer. i have a 5 bolt pattern to put the hitch on to actually tow the trailer. plus cops use my yard to watch traffic. all my gear comes home at night. so far no problems yet


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                        #^(k! copper THIEVES!!!

                        Not so long ago I was in the Law Enforcement world. My last assignment was a rural job where individuals would would steal copper wire that would run underneath levi's to run irrigation pumps. They would get $30 worth of copper. It would cost the farmer $3000 to fix it. I had one farmer that had 22 pumps hit in a week!

                        I started a program that had the farmers put up Game hunting cameras. The beauty of these cameras are they now have no flash infrared only. Bad guy never sees his picture taken.

                        Once I started sending these photos of the bad guys out to the rest of the local agencies. They started identifying the same old guys they have dealt with for years. Same burglars that are breaking into our homes and stealing our stuff.

                        Please understand local cops most of them, do not have the resources or time to deal with copper thefts, to the rest of society its just a property crime. To our world it is an infringement not only on our lively hood but taking food out of our family's mouths!

                        Please don't take this wrong, in not advocating any violence! Ok maybe a little!!

                        When most people are sleeping, theses dwellers crawl out from underneath their rocks and victimized hard working people like you!

                        Cabelas has these cameras for 60-70 bucks! It well worth the investment. Plus its a write off!

                        Never typed so much in my life! SORRY Venting!!! Hate thefts from hard workers!!! I'm out!!!


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                          Game cameras is a great idea. Much cheaper than video surveillance.
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                            Originally posted by kvwall View Post
                            Game cameras is a great idea. Much cheaper than video surveillance.
                            A 12 gauge with rock salt is even cheaper.


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                              Originally posted by ILikeFlyin View Post
                              A 12 gauge with rock salt is even cheaper.
                              Ive never done that before.. thats sounds like a good idea. One of my friends is a farmer and he caught someone in one of his buildings one night stealing tools and some other stuff. He shot his gun in the air and told them to scram and dont come back. The cops came and arrested him for some bulls!:@t charge and he did 3 yrs in prison at 65yrs old! A week before the night he caught them someone ( probly same people) stole 20,000 dollars worth of stuff from his property. The thieves got level 1 probation. The law doesnt do squat to theives, their more worried about writing speeding tickets and such.