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    I have a brand spankin new Miller 251 Millermatic I'm just beginning to break in

    Anyway, I have a question about using an extension cord with this machine. I am using a cord that I made up from parts I got at my local electrical supply. The cord is about 40 or 50' long and is constructed from 6 awg wire, specifically for flexible extension cords.

    Will this cause any power loss (output) of my 251 machine? I checked the current rating of the wire I used (both continious and peak current capacity) and I believe (cant remember the actual rating) this wire was rated for the current draw of the 251 Millermatic (same gauge, although different wire contruction that supplies the receptacle from the house breaker panel).

    Am I ok using this cord?

    Todd G

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    Extension cord for 251

    You should be fine unless Miller says no extension cords no matter what. Electrically, you're fine. Assuming a 50-foot, 6 AWG cord, this will have a resistance of 0.02455 Ohms (assuming you are using uncoated strands in your wire). This gives you a voltage drop of 1.2275 V if you are operating at 50 A of input, and the machine is rated for 48 A at maximum. This is well within the 2% standard even if you were operating at the lowest (and more common) voltage of 240 V.


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