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wire not feeding when trigger pulled on MM 130xp

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  • wire not feeding when trigger pulled on MM 130xp

    called Miller and got answer, Thanks

    tried to delete this post I can edit but not delete
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    Look at wiring diagram

    Originally posted by 130xp View Post
    I took hood off and unplugged wires to 24 vdc motor and plugged them back in and still nothing...the relay does click when I pull trigger on mig gun so I am thinking it is the motor. Can I get some help troubleshooting this? Thanks
    Usually the wiring diagram is inside the case as well as the manual. Look to see where the 24 v come to the motor but before the switch. Check the voltage there. Then check at the motor leads as you push the switch on the torch. The leads to the switch should have 24v. The terminals to the motor should jump between zero and 24v. As you work the switch. Wish I had the manual but I couldn't figure out how to download it!


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      Are you "inbetween ranges" cause the feeder needs open circuit voltage to turn.


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        I am not real sure what you are saying about in between ranges, I do have a digital multimeter but not sure where you are talking about...any and all help here appreciated. Why Miller has priced this part practically above the value of an older but solid machine is odd I think. I mean you buy a Miller because it is not a disposable machine but then buying parts for it is so expensive. Maybe Miller wants you to dispose of old machines and buy new.


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          I think he meant to check that the selector switch was not in-between the settings instead of right on the 1, 2, 3,etc. as it should be.
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            Soooo, what was the problem?