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Best way to weld 24 guage with MIG welder

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  • Best way to weld 24 guage with MIG welder

    Q. What is the best way to weld 24 Gauge steel with a MIG welder? I can weld a number of spot welds with out burning through, When the steel is butted together. I use a miller 200 set Low, 40 amps. There must be a better way. And what do you need to shape small metal part for body rust rep Welding is one thing, making parts takes me along time. How do the new Plasma torches start with out high Frequency? Take your time, give me all the details Thanks Jim (Submitted by: Jim Stryjewski from Bartlett, IL )

    A. 24 gauge..pretty thin stuff. Spot welding is your best bet. Use small .023 S-6 weld wire. Make sure you have the proper tips, drive rolls and liner for this wire. You could tig spot this too. It is alot less heat intense but takes a little more skill and patience. There are many metal formint tools out on the market. I use a metal brake, rollers, strecher / shrinker and english wheel to form all our body parts. As far as your plasma question,new torch designs allow the electrode to contact the tip while starting. The electrode moves away from the tip when air rushes through the torch when the trigger is pressed. This causes a small spark inside the torch to start the ionization process. This small spark is called the pilot arc. The high freq was used to jump the air gap between the electrode and tip during pilot. With the electrode contacting the tip, h.f. is not needed. thanks again for the questions.