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Are aluminum bleachers anodized

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  • Are aluminum bleachers anodized

    As a Student I mainly weld on material that gets donated to the schools welding department. My question is are aluminum bleachers anodized or what type of coating do they have on them and what would be the best way to clean them and the best rod 5356 or 4043.

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    Yes they are anodized but its like any other new aluminum. If it isn't a crusty white powered coating i just weld as is. I have used them for 30 years for mower ramps by welding two together in width. 4043 is my wire choice but you can use 5356 if you want...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Technically they are either anodized or have an Oxide coating. Either could potentially contaminate a weld, so a good swipe with some sand paper followed by a vigourous brushing with the dedicated stainless brush could eliminate a possible problem before it starts. I have done it both ways like Bob. but on high dollar parts I dont take a chance of having a bad weld due to contamination. Thats just me though, Youre mileage may vary.