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    Hey guys been a while since ive been on here, Life got crazy and had to take a break. But IM BACK BABY! Hahahahah My question is, Does anyone know a good spot to find parts for the mid 90s Trailblazer 250g's BESIDES ebay? I have 3 of these machines and want to use em all but one has a bad motor and the donor i bought really isnt that bad of shape but its got an burnt armature i believe. (this is what the previous owner told me) I really havent torn into it being that im looking to just use the motor and perhaps all the spare parts but if i can fix it ill keep on the motor search for the other and have 3 operational TBs Along with my AEAD200LE. Trying to rapidly expand my business and for what im doing the TB's Work awesome. If i can convert my AEAD To generate 240 instead of 120 it will be more useful then just the backup stick machine that can run my LN25.

    Millermatic DVI
    Millermatic DVI2
    Dynasty 200dx
    Trailblazer 250g 96
    Trailblazer 250g 95
    Trailblazer 250g 96
    XMT 300
    Spectrum 375
    Spectrum 375 extreme
    Spoolmate 3035
    S-21E Wire feeder
    XMT 300
    Maxstar 140 str
    American flag XLIx
    29' roadster Big Window Elite
    Inferno Big Window Elite
    Miller inferno digital elite helmet converted to 29' roadster helmet

    LN25 ( got it on a steal)

    Studebaker Marshall 700hp

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    aead 200le

    U wouldnt happen to know where i could find a auto idle board for 200le would ya?


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      If you look at the idle board, it'll have what looks like 2 devices inside of a fingered cup.

      One of those devices is pooched. Simply a couple of TO 220 cased 20 amp 200 volt SCRs worth about $4


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        Right now it will idle up when u start an arc but it wont go back down.


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          Well, that either makes it a bad scr, the linkage for the idle solinoid is out of place, the solinoid plunger is dirty, or doesn't have enough room to suck back in and needs to be adjusted.

          There is always 12Vdc going to the solinoid. The board merely completes the ground