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  • Opinions please

    I have a mm135. i paid 435 for it about 6 mo ago. I have the opportunity to trade it plus 350 for mm185. The 185 is very clean looking and appears to be in good working condition but I have not seen in person. I'm thinking this seams like a decent deal but not sure because I haven't found allot of info on the mm185. Opinions please.

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    Go for it IF you have a 220v outlet.
    More amps higher duty cycle & smother welds.
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    Work better & less parts to stock.
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      Get it. You can't beat the 220v. I have one also...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Thanks for the replies. I was worried about over paying mostly. The mm130 makes me mad cause of 20% duty cycle, and I do have 220v.


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          Definately go for it. I hates the 115volt tranny welders.
          Nothing welded, Nothing gained

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            The 185 turned out to be amazing, looks like it was taken out of the box used a couple times and put in storage. Big difference from the mm130 and at a great price. thanks for the opinions.


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              GREAT, Now to find a spoolgun for it ...Bob
              Bob Wright


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                220 volt is definitely a benefit. I just got rid of an Esab Migmaster 150 for a MM211. The Esab was a 110 volt machine and never put out enough heat. I just welded some 3/16 tube and had to keep turning the MM211 down.
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