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Syncrowave 180SD best choice for street rodder

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  • Syncrowave 180SD best choice for street rodder

    Q. I'm in the market for a new welder. I'm a street rodder who builds chassis and fabricates brackets, boxing chassis, sheet metal repair, etc. I think I want to buy a machine capable of Stick and TIG. I typically will be welding sheetmetal through 3/16" thick material - mostly steel but I want the ability to do aluminum in the future. What's the best choice? I've narrowed it down to either a Syncrowave 180 SD or the Syncrowave 250. (Submitted by: Dan Payne from Clinton N.J.)

    A. Thanks for the question. I just finished doing a seminar with Ron Covell at Fat Man Fabrications of Charlotte. We used the Syncrowave 180 SD for all our work and it was perfect for this type of light duty fabrication. The only reason to pick a Syncrowave 250 package is if you need that extra amperage for heavier gauge material. The Syncrowave 180 will do up to 3/16" and you can't beat the cost. The Syncrowave 250 would require purchasing torch, regulators, hose, etc., where the Syncrowave 180 SD is complete. Add your bottle of argon and go!
    Thanks again for your question and have fun street rodding!