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What's best for welding thin aluminum?

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  • What's best for welding thin aluminum?

    Q. When welding thin aluminum, my Spoolmatic 30A spoolgun burns through. Is there any equipment and or process better-suited for welding thin aluminum ? (Submitted by: Tom Lancaster from Holly Hill, FL)

    A. Thanks for the question.
    My preference on thin aluminum is TIG! Why? 'Cause it costs more. No, not really, just kidding. I like TIG because it offers the operator more control than wire feeding. Wire feed welding is more for production environments. If you are in need of a thin aluminum production wire feed system, Miller has a new all-in-one wire welder with a pulser built in - the Millermatic Pulser. The pulser reduces the overall heat input to the workpiece, allowing thinner materials to be welded. We advertise down to 19 ga. with the Pulser.
    Thanks again for the question!