Q. I am starting a hobby/business fabricating products for the off-road market. Not race, but rockcrawling, so extreme strength rather than light weight is most important. I'm trying to decide on an affordable, yet expandable Mig machine that would be able to do up to 3/8" in a single pass, and can eventually power a plasma cutter. I may also look at TIG in the future. (Submitted by: Dave Hope from Victoria, BC Canada)

A. Thanks for the question Dave.
Rock crawling is also an interest of mine. We have a 97 Terra Flex TJ we built. A good machine for your use would be a MillerMatic Vintage. It has
the power to do all your fab work. As far as plasma cutting goes, we don't offer a machine that MIG welds and expands to plasma cutting. The best way
to go is to get those products separately. They work much better when
designed to do a specific task rather than be a universal machine. The plasma product you will need is the Spectrum 2050. It's a killer machine
that does up to 7/8"!! Your TIG machine will probably be a Syncrowave unit,either the 250 or 350 model.
Have fun with your new venture! Keep us informed of your products, we might
need something!