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What welder is needed to weld roll bar tubing?

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  • What welder is needed to weld roll bar tubing?

    Q. I want to start a race car fabrication business. What size welder do I need to be able to weld roll bar tubing? What's the smallest size and which do you recommend? (Submitted by: Andy Wrin from Baldwin FL )

    A. Thanks for the question! I assume you are doing stock car type chassis. A great welder to start your business would be the Millermatic 185. It's easy to use and cost efficient. Roush, Yates, Hendrick and Childress all use them to fabricate race cars. I have one myself to do a lot lot of my race car fab work. It will weld thin material up to 3/8" material. A good wire size for most of your fab work will be an .030" ER70S-6 type wire. If you are in need of a good TIG machine, the Syncrowave 180 SD is a great unit to weld up to 3/16" material. Hope all goes well with your new adventure.