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Best tool for cutting 0.065" stainless tube - Band saw or cold saw

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    I am going to back up the guy with the Ellis Band saw. I used to work in a fabrication shop and used an Ellis saw to cut everything from garage door rails to railroad track. Stainless steel and aluminum is no problem either. A bit of advice, learn everything you can about the various different types of band saw blades. The wrong blade will not cut material that it is not intended to cut. At the fab shop I would sometimes have to switch blades for different jobs. Sometimes larger teeth sometimes smaller teeth and usually a bi-metal blade for longer life. I have even used a fine tooth blade to cut angled sections out of stainless 1/16'' wall 8'' D pipe to tig up a chimney for a customer. You will have to devise creative ways to securely clamp large round objects though.
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      Best tool for cutting 0.065" stainless tube - Band saw or cold saw

      If you have not already been there? Then check out tricktools. com it's a great site, has all the saws that have been discussed in your post. Has Ellis, Dake, Jet, and just about everything for metal work you could want!


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        Try watching this. found this somewhere in a forum site . They used a horizontal bandsaw .


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          Advantages of bandsaw:
          Much easier cut or feed pressure
          More suited to cutting solid from small to larger stock
          Many types of bands for many types of cuts
          Bandsaw are smooth and accurate to use.
          The boundless application of the bandsaw (both straight and mitre cutting versions) is down to its all-round performance, lower cost and ability to cut all material types and sizes.
          Advantages of cold saw:
          Some of the greatest benefits of cold saw include high speed, safety and quality.
          Blades are cheap and can be resharpened over and over again
          Can give also pretty accurate cuts like band saw does .