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Who to contact about career in professional Stock Car shop

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  • Who to contact about career in professional Stock Car shop

    Q. I bought my first Miller machine when I was 16. It was a Millermatic 150. I started working at a structural steel fab shop when I was 17. I'm now 25. I find this type of work very enjoyable. I've also been taking college classes towards a mechanical engineering degree. I have experience in MIG,TIG, and Stick. I also do a fair amount of auto body, as my family has been in the business a little over 40 years now. I would like to know who to contact about a career with a professional Stock Car shop? Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! (Submitted by: Eric Helton from Thayer, IL)

    A. There is a good resource coming soon to the web. It's You should be able to list with them. Sounds like you have a good background for this type of work. There are a few race car fabrication builders in your area - I deal a lot with Lefthander Chassis out of Roscoe,IL. You may want to gain some experience at some place like this before making the jump to Professional Stock Car shops. Most Race teams love this type of work experience. It's a major plus when you already understand all the fab lingo that goes into one of these cars. Thanks again and good luck.