Q. How do I get into welding for the professional stock car teams? What training do I need? (Submitted by: Spencer Shier from Parts Unknown)

A. The biggest thing teams look for is experience and attitude. There are a few Tech schools that offer motorsports fab classes. Check out Catawba Valley Community College. They have a good program and can also steer you to other schools that may offer the same type of training. Try finding a race car chassis builder in your area and see if they need help. That is a good way to gain experience in race car fab. Check out the local race tracks in your area too. There may be some smaller race teams that are willing to take on people to help them out in turn for training. Thats what I do here. I'll take people on, train them and let them work on my cars here. Some move on to bigger and better things while others just do it for fun.