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    Originally posted by cruizer View Post
    Your Miller salesman is a moron, and yes a plasma of the same amperage, will cut about the same as any other brand. The guts may be totally different but the end result is the same. Its the cut quality, the reliability, and consumable life that counts.

    There are zero hypertherm parts in other brands, can't really patent theory, how a salesman comes up with this crap is beyond me.
    Correct me if im wrong but I have a spectrum 625, i thought hypertherm made the torch for this unit? For whats it worth I have a Miller plasma and the next one will be a hypertherm, they are the best.
    Lincoln ranger 305g x2
    Miller spectrum 625
    Miller 30a spoolgun
    Lincoln 210mp
    F550 imt service truck


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      That is quasy correct, though again no part says Hypertherm, and will only take Miller consumables. I'm talking the machines.

      Such as a T-dyne, ESAB, Lncoln and others bare little resemblance to a Hypertherm, yet the end result is the same.

      Now Miller has made machines for Hypertherm, but not the other way around.

      Hypertherm has made guns for Miller changing hem to except Miller consumables


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        I found this thread through searching the forum. I hope it is okay to hyjack this thread. I am looking for a plasma cutter. I am having a hard time justifying the additional costs when the lower cost machines appear to be performing just as well.
        I'm new to welding. I have a bobcat 225G and a lincoln SP140T mig that is currently set up with flux core. My next purchase is going to be a plasma cutter. I am just a hobbiest welder. I have read quite a bit and everyone seems to recommend the miller, hypertherm, or thermodyne. My question; is there anything wrong with something like the everlast plasma cutters? What really makes these other name brand machines worth the extra money?