Q. Andy, I was looking to piece together some of the 7005-T53 aluminum I have laying around the shop to make a bicycle. I was wondering if there are any special welding procedures I would need to use to keep the strength from going away after I weld on it? Somebody told me that it loses strength when you weld on it. Thanks. (Submitted by: Andy from Parts Unknown)

A. Thanks for the question. Your 7005-T53 alum is hard to weld. Most 7000 series aluminum is very crack sensitive. If you choose to weld this,use a 5356, 5183 or 5556 filler. Resistance to corrosion is also not very good unless anodized and painted. If it was me, I'd leave it laying around and wait for some easy to use 6061 T-6 which has a yield strength of around 40,000 lbs/sq. in. and is easier to weld. Thanks again for the question.