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What's the best welder for welding chassis?

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  • What's the best welder for welding chassis?

    Q. What's the best welding rig for welding chassis? I'll be using no thicker than .095" wall mild steel, and occasionally up to 3/16" material for front crossmembers. Also I will be welding body sheet metal. I'm a beginner, but I want the best welds possible. Thanks for your advice. (Submitted by: Jeff Shull from Parts unknown)

    A. The most popular all-around MIG welder in the race industry is the Millermatic 185 or the Millermatic Vintage. Both give great welds and tacking ability for body sheet metal. Both are very easy to use for beginners and are very cost friendly. Use an .030" size ER70S-6 wire and a 75/25 Ar/CO2 gas for most of your work. If you need to weld larger than 3/16" then use a .035" size wire. Hope this helps. Good luck.