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What to use when TIG welding Chrome-Moly

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  • What to use when TIG welding Chrome-Moly

    Q. I need to ask you a couple of questions concerning a TIG welder.I have a Miller Econotig welder, and I need your help. What type of gas do you use with a TIG welder when welding chrome-moly tubing? What filler rod should be used to weld 15/8 .083" thick chrome-moly tubing? And what size Tugsten should I use? On the gas issue, should I use 75/25 or straight argon? Thank you. (Submitted by: Craig Orick from Lafollette TN)

    A. Thanks for the question. Whenever you are TIG welding, you should use an inert gas (Argon or Helium or a mix of the two). I would use a 3/32" size 2%tungsten sharpened to a point, straight Argon, and an ER70S-2 or ER70S-6 filler on your tubing. I assume it is for a race application where strength and flexibility are an issue. Keep your heat input to the base metal at a minimum. Too much heat input will require a stress relieving of the welded area. Good luck and thanks for the question.