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Tips for TIG welding stainless

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  • Tips for TIG welding stainless

    Q. I've welded for 26 years but I am just starting to TIG stainless. I just bought a Syncrowave 180SD and love it. I've done a lot of aluminum, but am just starting to mess with stainless. Any good tips would be highly appreciated. (Submitted by: Mark Mclane from Sarasota FL)

    A. Thanks for the question Mark. Sounds like you have knocked out the hard stuff already. Stainless will be a breeze for you! Try to get a good gas lens for your torch. They are a little bigger than a typical torch cup but offer great gas coverage and less turbulence of gas flow. Back purge tubing applications if you can. It will remove the chance of back contamination. Keep your gas flow rates low and heat low. It's like cooking a good steak, low and slow. Hold tighter arc lengths as well - this will give you better coloring if you are looking for pretty welds. You might try Ceriated or Lanthanated electrodes. They give better restarts and hold up better under short weld cycles. Good luck and have fun.

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    Tig stainless

    Hey great reply . Stainless is just metal . it does like heat so just take your time . Love the way it stays in the puddle !


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      Good primer. The way I think of SS; it's the opposite of aluminum or copper. It doesn't conduct heat well, so watch out, it's easy to overheat. You can weld on a SS bar, then pick it up a few inches away with bare hands. It welds beautifully and easy, as long as the shielding gas is there. SS, especially thin, is a prime candidate for pulsing, as it helps keep you from overheating and warping it.

      I welded up an indoor fountain once made of SS and copper. It was tough to switch between the two, but they both weld easy in my opinion.

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        I see your located in sarasota florida, so if your ever in the neighborhood of jacksonville florida, I will teach you.
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