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How to fix rusted-out car frame

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  • How to fix rusted-out car frame

    Q. I was given a 1976 Camaro, but the rear of the frame where the leaf spring attaches, is almost rusted out. How do I fix this? Otherwise, the car is in very good shape as it was kept in a garage for a number of years. (Submitted by: Steve Soloway from Bloomfield, Ct.)

    A. I have had this happen to me too. You'll have to make or bend a channel to cover this area and extend forward to good metal. Try to use a similar thickness material, so when you try to weld this to the new area it won't burn through. This is always a mess when dealing with unibody type cars. Your other alternative would be to change the whole rear suspension over to a 3 link style using a coil springs and trailing arms. Either or it's going to be work. Good luck!