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Miller Maxtron 450 set up questions Please help

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  • Miller Maxtron 450 set up questions Please help

    Hey guys i finally found the machine that i was looking for a miller maxtron 450 with a plane jane S-64 feeder..The guy i bought it from didnt know anything about it, other than the history of the machine It came with a maxtron cart has a tweco black gold tig torch with miller hand controls as appossed to the foot pedal, a miller 251D-1 high frequency unit a stick electrode holder and ground clamp all the copper leads its a great set up. I got it back to the house and took everything off of the cart to clean it up took all the panels off blew it out (it was spotless to begin with on the inside only outside had an inch of dirt and dust) i had to wire it up single phase for my shop with all four jumpers.I hooked the positive up to the feeder i hooked the 14 pin to its receptacle and the ground to the work i then set just the feeder up to mig carbon steel without all the extra stuff When i got done i read the miller manual and set the four toggle switches to mig So far ive done everything by the book. i turn it on and proceed to start welding and nothing the only way i can get it to strike an arc is to crank the cv inductance to close to 90 and even then about the most voltage i get is 12-15.5 volts the actual voltage/amperage knob on the maxtron wont adjust the machines output am i having a brain fart, hooking up wrong or what. id love to find out what im doing wrong ive heard these machines are great and this one is like new its never seen a robotics cell or factory the guy ventured to say that it has less than 5 hrs of actual arc time and the way the machine looks i believe him it looks like it was bought used a few times and stuck in a corner for 10 years So if you can help me please speak up i need all of it i can get im used to the deltaweld 452 at work it has 2 knobs voltage and wire speed this is the first mig machine ive owned with a seperate feeder any help would be great thanks guys...

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    make sure the amps/voltage switch is in panel and not in remote 14 or remote 17.
    Contactor control should be in remote 14/17 and not in panel.
    This is the set up for a S-64 feeder with out voltage control on the feeder.
    Sound like you may have welder in remote voltage control and no remote control is there. You can take welder to full panel control and either stick weld or hot wire mig weld. This will tell you if the problem is inside the welder or out side.
    The panel voltage control could be a 10 turn control and should preread a voltage or amps on the display.
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      Im at work now but as soon as i get home ill double check but i tried everything yesterday thanks so much for the advice


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        Sounds like a main board problem, kinda like the one in my shop right now

        Can you stick with it?

        Zero parts are available for the unit, and it'll cost alot for t-shooting


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          Well i got home and looked i had all the switches in the right places i flipped the breaker to turn the welder on and as soon as i did it didnt act at all like it did yesterday i turned the gas on and struck an arc the quality of the weld was a hundred times better than my brand newnew delta weld at work holy cow the maxtron is bad ace i have no idea what was going on thanks for the help guys cruiser i havent tried to stick weld with it yet but ill let ya know anyone know where the pots are to calibrate the digital display its in dire need of a calibration thanks guys your great


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            Hope it works well for you cause when it quits she's a boat anchor.


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              It will be a pretty one cruiser lol i took this one completely apart cleaned it all up like new and put back together with stainless hardware thats one thing that scares me about older machines i also have a miller Aerowave one heck of a machine but when it goes ill be up poo creek without a paddle i started thinking about how the maxtron acted up yesterday i coulda done 1 of a few things wrong i might not have waited long enough from the time i flipped the switch on from the time i started playing with the voltage or when i bought the welder it came with a 30 foot long 230volt cord on the welder im also worried about voltage drop today i walked straight in the shop without turning anything else on yesterday i had quite a few things on idk tell me what you guys thing