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Information on building racing frame and cage

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  • Information on building racing frame and cage

    Q. I am very interested in building a racing fame and cage. Where can I find info on methods, materials,and blueprints that deal with these subjects? (Submitted by: Eric Pollard from King George Va)

    A. There are a lot of types of race car frames. The design will be determined on what type of racing you choose to do. The first thing I need to know is: 1- What type of racing, stock car, drag, scca? - What sanctioning body or rules do you have to follow? There are some good companies out there that have taken all the design and guess work out of building a chassis. If you are starting from scratch, you will have to take into account front end geometry including steering, shock, and suspension design. Can you use coil/over strut type suspension or are you going to use big stock type springs? Check out your local chassis builder - he may have a good kit for you or will be willing to have you come and do the welding yourself. I have done quite a few of these, and to do it right you should have a good surface plate or jig set up. I have a unit from a company called UNI JIG out of Wisconsin. They can be reached at 1-888-unijig7 or 608-524-4012. Good luck!