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Moisture in flow meter or ?????

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  • Moisture in flow meter or ?????

    I am having problems with porosity in welds. The flowmeter has condensation on the outside of meter. I have checked the plastic cone on meter and found moisture inside also. I have two different Miller 252 running gas shielded flux core wire (.045) with 75-25 gas. They both are having the same problem. The problem generally starts late morning. Yesterday the machines started acting up around 10am. We changed to new flowmeters, hoses and gas bottles. Checked all fittings on welders for leaks. This stopped the problem for the balance of the day. But this morning one machine started acting the same way. Flowmeter had condensation dripping from the meter. The other machine ran ok unitl after lunch. Then it started to act up. There is gas flow when the porosity happens, no wind to blow gas. Generally the pososity starts with very small pin holes and progress to weld appearance of no shield gas at all. I have checked about everything I and two experienced welders can think of but still having the problem. I talked to Miller today for an hour and the only thing they said was change to a large volume flowmeter. ....Tomorrow I will try a different type of wire and different machine. We have made numerous welds with this set-up without any problems until now....

    Any ideas????

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    I have the same welder, wire and gas and the same problems on somedays. Clip a flood light on the gauge and heat it up. Its the C02 thats causing the problem. Don't use a curly light bulb as they don't make much heat...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      The gas inside the bottle should be moisture free. That's a pretty wacky problem you have here. How much gas does Miller want you to flow if they advise a bigger volumn flowmeter?
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        Put some kind of heater on the flow meter as Bob said. I used to use an adjustable hot plate wired on to the bottle hanging just under the flow meter. The gauge would freeze up & restrict flow.
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          heat-it ;o)

          It seems that you are not the only one to have these conditions...

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            That is kind of strange... Like someone else said, there shouldnt be moisture in the gas to freeze up. If it ices up on the outside it shouldnt affect the inside I wouldnt think. Have you tried heating the steel? Maybe there's moisture in that? Big enough and clean nozzle with enough flow?