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Is there one "do it all" gas for MIG welding?

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  • HAWK
    All purpose mig gas

    If you are near and Air-Gas Mid America dealer, be sure to check out their MAXX line of shielding gases. I have had great success with the Ferromax Plus for short arc and spray with my XMT 304. This is a good (all around) gas for carbon steel, but your still stuck with another gas for stainless, aluminum, etc. You may find info at

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    Guest started a topic Is there one "do it all" gas for MIG welding?

    Is there one "do it all" gas for MIG welding?

    Q. Is there one "do it all" shielding gas for MIG welding? I primarily use 75Ar/25CO2 on mild steel, but would like to be able to do aluminum and stainless, too. If not, what gases would be required? (Submitted by: Russell Selkirk from Port Neches, TX)

    A. If you ever invent the "do it all" gas, I want to be one of your investors!! Unfortunatly there is not one gas that can do it all right. Your 75/25 selection on mild steel is great. For aluminum you should use 100% Argon. A tri-mix of He, Ar and CO2 is the right way to do stainless. Hope this helps. Good luck.