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Why MIG (110V) may be popping and making bad beads

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  • Why MIG (110V) may be popping and making bad beads

    Q. I want to know why my MIG (110V) welder starts popping and won't make a good bead at times, even when the work area is ground for good contact. (Submitted by: Ben Singleton from Newark N.J.)

    A. There are many things that can contribute to your problem - here's a few: 1- proper polarity for wire you are using 2- bad contact tip 3- wire slipping 4- torch angle, arc length, or machine setting 5- are you using an extension cord too small for machine amperage requirement? The voltage may be dropping at that receptacle while welding. Do some checking. If it's still a problem, have a service station check it for you. There may be a problem with the machine's contactor inside.