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Is a diversion 180 good enough?

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  • Is a diversion 180 good enough?

    Looking to make customer intercooler piping and some other custom projects out of thinner SS sheet metal. I'm looking at the Diversion 180 but never heard from anybody that's used it. I've got some experience on a Sync 200 and my buddy has used the same 200 and some newer Dynasty's and he loves the Dynasty's in comparison to the 200. I would imagine the Diversion can do the job but is it going to be a chore to get it to easy work as good as the others leaving clean trouble free welds or any I going to have to struggle with it?

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    If you have the money buy more

    I have a Diversion 180 that I quite like but if I was to do it over I would buy a Sync 200 or maybe even the Dynasty 200. I am only a hobby welder but do find that it would be nice to have the other adjustments for welding aluminum. When I bought my Diversion I had never tig welded and did not know what I would be missing only buying the Diversion.

    The Sync 200 is not a whole lot more and is in a totally different class. The drawback of the Sync 200 is portability.

    The Dynasty most likely has more features than I would ever use.

    These other welders have many many more adjustments the couple on the Diversion.
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      The main problem I have with the Sync is the size and weight. I would love to have a Dynasty but I'm not sure that makes sense financially for only doing hobby projects.


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        I have the 180 and I do alot of thin aluminum and some steel. Being air cooled it will get hot but I need this because it's portable. If you dont need to be portable buy larger.


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          I have a Diversion 180 and a Dynasty 200 I love both of them I rarely use any of the features on the 200 the settings on the 180 are the same as the default settings on the dynasty. Unless your going to stick weld or want pulsing the Diversion should be fine
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            Compare the available features on the Diversion against either of the others. They (180') are very similar to the old econotigs, very simple and low powered. I would opt for the 200 for the difference in money compared to features. The 200 will take a while to outgrow, the 180 will be underpowered and under equiped much sooner. Just my humble opinion and I have an old Econotig that works OK with in it's limits.


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              I've got a Diversion 180 and like it. I regularly weld 3/16th mild steel. The duty cycle isn't long enough for my taste but it makes me money. The other day is shut down on me because it got too hot. But it was about 102 degrees in my garage. I let it cool for 5 minutes or so and it came back on and finished the job.
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                If you are only working with stainless, consider the Maxstar series. DC only, but will also do stick. Unlike the diversion, it's designed more for the commercial user. Why pay for AC if you don't need it?
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                  For an entry level machine the Diversion 180 looks like a bargain @ $1800 (street price) complete ready to go... lots you can do with 180 amps enen at fairly low duty cycle....

                  there are quite a few interesting videos on YouTube covering the Diversion..

                  you might look...

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