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The proper way to TIG weld Chrome-Moly

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  • The proper way to TIG weld Chrome-Moly

    Q. I have someone who wants his frame TIG welded and it's chrome-moly . I TIG weld but have never done chrome-moly - can you tell me what the proper way to do it is? (Submitted by: Joe Hoffman from Unknown)

    A. Chrome-Moly depending on the application could use many different types of filler. Assuming it's a racing frame, I would use an ER 70S-2 or ER 70S-6 Filler to give proper strength and elongation percentages. Always try to have tight fit-ups and keep your arc lengths to a minimum to reduce your heat zone. Clean the Chrome-Moly inside and out before welding. Set your machine to D.C.E.N. and use a Thoriated or Ceriated tungsten type pointed. It would also help if you can purge with argon the backside of the tubing while welding. You may also preheat the joint area to 100deg--150deg to remove any material moisture. Do not force cool the welded area after welding! The Chrome-Moly will have a tendency to crack.