Q. Can you please explain "walking the cup" and how it applies to welding pipe? What is a typical weld schedule for TIG welding Chrome-Moly 1 5/8" x .134"? Argon mix etc.. I have a 180. (Submitted by: Travis Almuti from Saratoga, CA)

A. Walking the cup refers to the operator actually resting the ceramic cup of the torch in the joint area and rocking it back and forth in a side to side and forward motion. It takes a bit of practice but will eventually give great consistent beads. Tig welding Chrome-Moly depending on your application will require different fillers. In a typical race application for tubing, we use an ER 70S-2 or ER 70S-6 or an ER 80S-D2. 100% Argon with a back-up or purge gas if possible. Clean both the inside and outside of the material around the joint and make sure your fit-ups are tight! Keep your arc lengths as low as possible to reduce added heat and do not force cool the joint after welding.