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    Had a spare time I played with serial number. Mine is Sync 250DX with LK450021L. Did a search on service page and the result was this: Serial Number: LK450021L
    Sorry, that serial number did not return an Owner's Manual.
    Please try again or use the model name search below.

    Looked carefully at Serial no. reference chart and found that my number wasnt listed.

    How could this happen? Is this bcoz mine came from china? On the rating label there is some chinese letter/script. I live in Indonesia. Bought it from Miller distributor.

    Can anybody explain on this issue? Thank you in advance.

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    Could you post some pics of your welder?? the front panel and the serial number plate would be most helpful...

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      Because its a CE model. Born on 11/10/2009 220/400/440/520 input power
      50/60 hz


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        @H80N : I had a hard time uploading the 3pics, so this 2 were succesfully

        @Cruizer : Thank you sir, you answered my curiosity.