Q. Can I weld 4130 molly tubing by changing my wire in a Millermatic 185? Which gas do you recommend? I'm welding on a beast chassis midget, it's .090. (Submitted by: Eldon Wright from Danville IL)

A. I prefer not to MIG weld Chrome-Moly. But if you do, use the ER70S-6 wire and stay with the 75/25 mix gas with your machine. You will want to stress relieve the joint after welding. This is done with a 900 or 1000 deg. temp marker. Mark 3/4 to 1 inch away from the joint and use an oxy/acetylene torch with a neutral flame to oscillate over the weld. OR........... You can purchase a nice MILLER Syncrowave 180SD and Tig weld it together!!