Q. We repair sprintcar chassis here in Australia and 99% of our welding is TIG. We are currently looking at updating one of our squarewave TIG machines and are wondering if any benefit can be gained by using either the Dynasty DX or Aerowave machines. Can you explain the benefits of adjustable Hertz control with regards to Aluminum welding? (Submitted by: Andrew Williams from VIC. Australia)

A. This is a great one! Most of your advantages will be on the Alum welding. The higher you go on output frequency, the tighter the arc width becomes. In otherwords, you can pinpoint the arc!! This allows for a more focused easier weld within any joint configuration. It makes welding Aluminum as easy as welding steel! The balance feature is also expanded with these new machines allowing up to 99% of EN while welding AC. You can actually weld steels with these machines on AC with these high balance settings. I even weld thick aluminum heads without preheating now and there is no need for Helium mixes either. A 300 amp Dynasty will have the penetration of a 500 amp Syncrowave. You get a lot more penetration with the focused arc. But to get the real feel of this machine, you should fly me down to demo it for ya!!!! Hope this helps. There are really too many things this machine can do. If you have specific questions, e-mail me back at the above address.